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The experience I have as an author (my books will be available on this site soon, some available at www.bol.com now), entrepreneur (www.ikunlimited.nl, www.choho.com), social activist (www.muslimunlimited.org, www.500kidsfoundation.org) and Business Angel (www.ladyonamission.com), AND as a female founder with Moroccan roots in a white man’s world is something I love to share with you.

On this site I will connect you with the best knowledge and skills I have built in the last 20+ years on personal leadership, leadership 3.0, diversity, social innovation and economic growth.

You can hire me!

If you need a refreshing voice and / or female for your event AND you have a budget of at least € 2500,- ex VAT (worth every penny: some say I have resulted in their highest ROI ever, more testimonials at www.choho.com), mail me at office@choho.com.


Connecting the Dots,

Esma Choho

PS If you want to be signed up for my Choho Short Cuts- a blog and monthly, live interaction, mail me.

PS II Especially if you donot have the time to re-invent the wheel AND value short-cuts AND (want to) understand how Everything is Connected.

PS III Yes, I include that #1 global fear factor: Islam & Muslims. It will all make more sense once you stick around and become a member of Choho’s Short Cuts. (Only for the fearless. Or those who want to be. (Being on this site, you already qualify.))

Content only available for members of this site. Membership: € 10,- per month or € 100,- per year. To sign up, mail ‘sign me up’ to office@choho.com.

PS IV Thank you for supporting our work and mission to develop awareness on ‘vague’ yet crucial topics like social innovation.